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Leaders, Bureaucrats Conscience Unclear In Spectrum Scam: Laloo

PTI 16 Dec 2010, 16:37:58 IST
Mandu (MP), Dec 16: Former Bihar Chief Minister, Laloo Yadav said here today that the conscience of leaders, bureaucrats and mediapersons was not clear in the spectrum scam and it revealed that the corruption in the country has spread everywhere.

"In the spectrum scam, nobody's conscience, whether it is leaders, bureaucrats and mediapersons is clear and corruption has spread everywhere in the country," Yadav who arrived here to meet Jain saint, Ravindra Vijay Surishwar Maharaj, told reporters.

"In this scam, faces were exposed one after another and it appears that a media trial is going on in the matter as as happened during the fodder scam," he said.

The Lok Sabha was not allowed to function and demands for setting up Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC), Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and probes were also going on at different other levels, he said.

Without specifying whether JPC should be constituted or not in the spectrum scam, he said "a probe should be conducted into the matter."

In a lighter vein, Laloo said that he has arrived in the "van" (forest) for "vanvas" (spending time in solitude).

Earlier Laloo visited the historic Mandu city including Roopmati Mahal and Jahaz Mahal and praised their ancient architecture. PTI