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Leaders not projected as CM candidates proving to be good administrators: Mukhi

PTI 04 Nov 2014, 22:51:29 PM IST

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader in Delhi Jagdish Mukhi, who is known to have chief ministerial ambitions, today said that several good leaders were not projected for the top post by the party, but they were now proving to be good administrators.

“There have been several our good leaders who were not projected (as chief ministerial candidate), but they are proving to be good administrators today,” Mukhi said on being asked why BJP is not showing confidence in him as it had shown on Harsh Vardhan by declaring him its CM candidate during the last Assembly polls.

Mukhi's comment comes immediately after party announced that it would contest Delhi Assembly elections, due early next year, under collective leadership and will not declare its chief ministerial candidate.

He, however, said that in the past, the party had contested several elections without announcing its chief ministerial candidates in various states.

Mukhi, who also left party's weekly meeting midway today, also said that party will win at least 50 Assembly seats this time and form government with a clear majority.  However, the senior BJP leader made it clear that he has to go to Uttarakhand regarding party's work due to which he left meeting midway.

“We are confident that party will win at least win 50 seats and form government with clear majority. As party is getting people's support, it has been clear that party will form government,” he said.

Asked if he would contest elections against AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, Mukhi said, “I will contest elections from my constituency and whoever comes, I will defeat him/her.”