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M Venkaiah Naidu asks Congress to clear its stand on Emergency

PTI 26 Jun 2015, 23:38:17 IST

Chandigarh:  Dubbing Emergency as "black spot" in the country's history, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today asked theCongress party to clear its stand on whether the imposition Emergency was right or wrong.

"Grave injustice was done by the Congress party with people during Emergency. Civil and fundamental rights of people were curbed. Congress party practically murdered democracy (at that time).

They (Congress) have not apologised so far. I want to ask Congress that it should tell its stand whether Emergency was right or wrong," Naidu said today while addressing at a function here marking 40 years of imposition of Emergency.

Referring to the recent statement of late Indira Gandhi's aide RK Dhawan on the issue, Naidu said, "Dhawan said Emergency was imposed to maintain law and order. They (Congress people) still make such statements. It is shame on their part. They should have disapproved that statement and sought an apology."

The Union Minister further said Emergency should be introduced in the history subject in schools as a lesson.

"I want Emergency to be included in the history curriculum. Emergency was a black spot. Young generation should be informed about it," he said.

Naidu shared his experience during the Emergency, when he was a law student at the time. "People of opposition camps were put behind bars and were ill-treated," he said.

Censorship was imposed and the media was not allowed to function freely, he further said.

Naidu also appealed to the media to highlight government's development initiatives alongside reporting the failures.

"I want to appeal to media that you expose government's misdeeds and highlight failures. But at the same time also highlight development activities," he said.

"Yesterday and today, national conference on smart cities was held. Delegates from states including ministers and experts and other 16 countries' representatives participated. It was a big news.

"But (media say) not this (Narendra) Modi ji, but that (Lalit) Modi. I am not saying you (media) overlook it. Do it, but for how many days," Naidu said.