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Preach your wife about country's prestige: Ram Madhav's dig at Aamir

PTI 15 Jan 2016, 11:22:40 IST

New Delhi: BJP leader Ram Madhav on Thursday denounced actor Aamir Khan's remarks on 'intolerance', saying he should not preach only to an auto-rickshaw driver about country's prestige but also his wife.

Madhav also said the government will ensure that in future no need arises for 'award-wapasi', and asserted that there will be no compromise on the security of the country's borders and self respect.

In an apparent dig at Khan, who recently courted controversy over his remarks on perceived intolerance in the country, Madhav said, "It will not work that you preach to an auto wallah how country's prestige has to be saved but not tell the same to your own wife".

The Bollywood superstar was the ambassador for the government's 'Incredible India' tourism campaign during the UPA regime. He ceased to be the mascot for the campaign as the contract for it expired.

Madhav, who was addressing students at Delhi University's SGBT Khalsa college, said "No one needs to return the awards, everyone will be taken care of but the country should be respected. The individuals should also take care of nation's prestige."

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"We are dedicated to the security of the country. We want good relations with our neighbours. But with regard to the security of the country's borders and its self-respect, no compromise will be accepted ... we will take care that no need arises to return awards years later," he said.

Maintaining that in articulation of dreams for the country sometimes one can be "politically incorrect" too, the BJP leader at the same time said, "We feel painful that we are living in such an atmosphere that we cannot see dreams, you cannot talk four good things about the country's future as it has to be politically correct ... it has to be secular ..."

Madhav said Swami Vivekananda had asserted in his address in Chicago that Indian's not only tolerate but also "accept" and "validate".

"Every American citizen is respected because of his country's image in the world. Similarly, we want to make India an honourable nation. Not that the honour of our citizens is not our concern ... our main aim is to bring honour to India across the world.

"There is no need of award-wapsi. You do not safeguard your country like that. Every citizen should be respected here and if anything wrong happens, that will be taken care of," he said.