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Kharge questions 'sudden' hike in rail fares

PTI 21 Jun 2014, 6:47:01 IST
Gulbarga: Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge today questioned the decision of NDA government to resort to “sudden” hike in rail and freight fares.

Former railway minister said the proposal for the hike was placed before him when he was the minister but he had put it on hold as the Lok Sabha polls were round the corner and he wanted the new government to take a decision without burdening the common people.

However, the government had now taken a sudden decision, he told reporters here and questioned the urgency to do so ahead of the budget session of Parliament.  

Kharge said the issue could have been discussed in Parliament and the government could have then taken a decision based on the views expressed without causing burden to the common people.