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Mamata Banerjee trying to scuttle CBI's Saradha probe, alleges BJP

PTI 24 Nov 2014, 20:18:49 PM IST

Kolkata:The BJP today claimed that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was trying to scuttle the CBI probe into the Saradha scam by repeatedly attacking the central agency.

“Mamata Banerjee is continuously attacking the CBI which is probing the Saradha scam. The CBI investigation has been ordered by the Supreme Court. This is a direct challenge to the court,”  BJP's West Bengal unit President Rahul Sinha told a news conference here.

He said the Supreme Court was the highest judicial body in the country and no one could challenge the institution.  “Earlier, Mamata wanted a CBI probe on every single occasion, but why did it suddenly become so unwanted to her?” Sinha wondered and then went on to guess the answer himself:

“Is it because she has been cornered by the progress of the CBI probe?” Regarding black money, Sinha said that when the BJP flagged the issue earlier, Banerjee had kept silent and sided with the Congress during the UPA regime.  

“Bringing black money back to the country is a national issue and a state CM cannot bring it back. Let the black money issue be left to be dealt by the Centre and BJP is committed to bring it back to the country,” Sinha said.  

Countering Banerjee's insistence that Bangladeshis should be allowed to enter as they were from the neighbouring nation, Sinha said, this would result in increase in activities of groups like JMB.

“If infiltration is allowed as she demands, then JMB cadres would come and create a bomb industry in the state...,” he said, adding the demographic balance of the state would also get altered. “The BJP would not allow this under any circumstances”, Sinha said.