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Mamata warns of stir against move to dilute MGNREGA provisions

PTI 27 Nov 2014, 19:26:46 PM IST

Asansol: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today criticised the central government for its reported move to dilute provisions of the rural work guarantee programme MGNREGA and threatened to launch a movement against it.

“I reiterate to fight against the Centre's decision to restrict the scope of 100 days' work programme, which will bring disaster to the poor people of the country,” Banerjee told a public meeting after inaugurating 25 state government welfare projects.

“My heart cries out if the 100 day's work is curtailed. If Bengal cries, then Delhi will cry,” she said.

Recently, Banerjee had said, “West Bengal is the first state to protest against the central government's unjust decision to curtail the scope of the 100 days' work programme, which is against the fundamental principle of the Act to benefit the poor people of rural India,”