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MDMK to celebrate 60th birth anniversary of Prabhakaran

PTI 19 Nov 2014, 17:22:42 PM IST

Chennai: MDMK founder Vaiko today called for grand celebrations of the 60th birth anniversary of slain LTTE founder V Prabakaran on November 26.

Vaiko, a self-confessed supporter of Prabakaran and his idea of a separate homeland for Tamils, the Tamil Ealam, called for celebrations and prayers in places of religious worship at 7.18 pm on November 26, to mark the time of birth of the former rebel leader.
Celebratory chants should 'reverberate' the cause of Tamil Ealam on that day, he said in a statement here.

Prabakaran, who led an armed struggle against the Sri Lankan Army in the backdrop of the ethnic strife involving majority Sinhalas and minority Tamils, was killed in a military offensive in 2009.