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Meet boss after work hours, Gopal Kanda's instruction for Geetika Sharma

India TV News Desk 23 Sep 2012, 12:43:03 IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi, Aug 14: Former air hostess Geetika Sharma's appointment letter as director clearly directed her  to report to MD (Gopal Kanda) daily after working hours, police told the Delhi High court. 

The Delhi Police additional public prosecutor Rajiv Mohan on Monday brought to light the "special clause" in the appointment letter of Geetika Sharma, 23, who committed suicide on August 5, to back the  claim that Kanda used to sexually harass his subordinate.
The prosecutor said, Geetik Sharma's appointment letter clearly said she "has to report to the managing director (Kanda) on each and every day after work".  
The appointment letter was issued in January 2011, when Geetika was appointed director without any shareholding in the company.
'This may prove that he (Kanda) was utilizing the clause to harass her. Otherwise, he would have had no business to meet Geetika every evening." said a police source.
Police said the MDLR group manager Aruna Chaddha was equally responsible for Geetika's suicide.
"We have recovered the records of MDLR Group's Sundale Educational Society of which Geetika was president and Chaddha secretary. In AKG Infrabuild Society, Geetika was appointed vice-president, while Chaddha was director. We are trying to find out why Kanda was showering such favours on 23-year-old Geetika", a senior police officer said.
The two companies, police said, were practically doing no business. Geetika's family claimed she wanted to quit as she felt cheated in these appointments.
Meanwhile, Delhi Police sources said, "We believe Geetika's laptop has many more shocking details and, as we recover more, we will be able to develop a clearer picture".
Delhi Police has so far raided more than 100 places in Gurgaon, Goa, Sirsa, Rajasthan, UP, Siliguri  and Chandigarh and interrogated nearly 70 persons, but Kanda is still out of the police's grasp. " Kanda's laptop is missing, and we are yet to get his laptop. We believe the laptop might have been fully tampered with by now", a source said.
Delhi Police are now facing difficulties in gathering evidence too. Sources said this was due to the fact that computers at MDLR's office in Gurgaon were tampered with.According to police, the series of emails exchanged between Kanda and Geetika Sharma and data in the computer was the most crucial evidence.

Police said that since Kanda was absconding, attempts had been made to destroy company (MDLR) records. “We are trying to recover evidence with the help of Aruna Chaddha, HR manager of MDLR, who is in our custody,” a senior police officer said.

Police also recovered an email written by Sharma to Chaddha where she had said, “I will build my career on my own... no matter how many obstacles one puts in my way.”

On Monday too, police failed to trace Kanda despite various raids being conducted in Gurgaon, Sirsa and Faridabad.Police have already seized Sharma's i-phone and laptop, but data has not been retrieved so far.