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PM suggests survey to assess public mood on each Parliament session

PTI 12 Aug 2014, 21:14:44 PM IST
New Delhi: Noting that people have a lot of expectations from legislature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today suggested conducting of a survey to assess public opinion on the performance of each Parliament session. 

Heo shared the view of veteran parliamentarian Karan Singh who lamented frequent disruptions in Parliament's functioning by MPs.

“The nation is expecting a lot from Parliament. Sometime I think we should do a survey among people as to how they have responded to a session,” Modi said at a function here to confer ‘Outstanding Parliamentarian Awards' to Karan Singh, union Minister Arun Jaitley and JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav.

“In a professional way, people's opinion can be presented... It may inspire us to progress ahead of where we are,” he said, while observing that every word of the House should become “a source of inspiration” for the coming generations.

Modi said there is a considerable intellectual talent in Parliament and many MPs have the skill of presenting their thoughts in an impressive manner. However, he said, this was not enough to run Parliament impressively. 

“Unless there is a convergence of leadership, action and personality, such words or thoughts cannot impress Parliament nor can it inspire the nation,” he said.

He urged Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to call a meeting of state Assembly speakers to see how a similar exercise can be started there as it would encourage them to do better.