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Mulayam attacks Modi govt on black money issue

PTI 25 Nov 2014, 16:05:43 PM IST

New Delhi: Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav today attacked the Narendra Modi-led dispensation, saying the government 'failed' on its promise to bring back black money within 100 days of coming to power.

"They had promised to bring back black money in 100 days. Six months have passed since, where is that black money?" Yadav asked.

Talking to reporters outside Parliament, he said, "The Prime Minister said we will bring back black money in 100 days. He said I will make India a prosperous country and there will be development with that recovered black money".

"That 100-day period has become six months now. We also said that let's give them six months time. But what happened? Where is the black money?"
 Yadav said the previous Congress-led UPA government had at least given an approximate figure of black money in foreign banks, "but this (NDA) government is not giving that figure also."

Alleging conspiracy, the SP chief said, "I think there is a conspiracy and the black money has been taken away. Many accounts have now become empty."

Sharpening his attack on the Modi Government, he said, "They came to power by giving false promises of bringing back black money.

Now the expectations of the people have been belied. They had promised to give employment to youth, remove corruption but nothing has happened so far. At least they should have fulfilled one promise at least but that did not happen unlikely to happen also."