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Mulayam unhappy with son Akhilesh's govt

PTI 19 Sep 2012, 12:43:55 PM IST
Lucknow, Aug 1: Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Tuesday expressed his dissatisfaction with the functioning of the UP government led by his son Akhilesh saying "there is something lacking".

Addressing a meeting of party MLAs at the chief minister's official residence, Mulayam Singh said: “There is something lacking. I had given six months for the results so that people should feel the difference.

"Four months have passed and now only two months are left, it is better if you people do something.”

Though Mulayam Singh did not name anyone, it was apparent he was dissatisfied with the work of some of the ministers.

“Only a few ministers are doing their job well. I am dissatisfied with most. They should improve their style of functioning,” Mulayam Singh said, adding that party workers were being ignored by ministers and MLAs.

Mulayam lashed out at minsiters  openly voicing their differences.

 “You should avoid doing so in public, it leads to embarrassment,” he said.

He advised MLAs: “Being a legislator comes with added responsibility. Your conduct will reflect on the government's image. People have elected us with great expectation and you should fulfill your responsibilities.”

He cautioned that the next Lok Sabha elections will be the real test for the party and the government needs to highlight good work being done for the common man and the poor.

Akhilesh Yadav and his ministers listened silently as the party supremo went on pointing out deficiencies in the governance.

State assembly speaker Mata Prasad Pandey and party  general secretary Ram Asrey Kushwaha were seated on the stage, while the ministers including Azam Khan, who is number two in the ministry, were seated in the audience.