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Muslim MLA presents silk sarees to Goddess Kanaka Durga

PTI 15 Oct 2015, 23:50:59 IST

Vijayawada: In a gesture symbolising communal amity, a Muslim legislator presented silk sarees to Goddess Kanak Durga Mata at the Sri Durgamalleswara Swamivarla Devastanam here, a practise he has been following for the last ten years during Dussehra festival.

Jaleel Khan, MLA from Vijayawada West constituency arrived at the temple this afternoon during the ongoing 10-day-long Dusshera festival and offered sarees to the goddess.

The YSR Congress MLA also worshipped the goddess in the sanctum sanctorum.

Khan, who is said to be offering sarees to the goddess since a decade, told reporters the goddess is protecting people from demons with her powers.

The MLA said that he is glad with the state government's decision to make this festival as the state festival.

He asked officials concerned to behave in a 'polite' manner with devotees who visit the temple.