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At a glance: 9 Muslim women candidates from Kashmir valley contesting J&K assembly polls

India TV News Desk 23 Dec 2014, 11:21:45 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Out of all the candidates contesting  Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Polls for 46 seats of  Kashmir valley  , only nine are women. Some of these women are sitting MLAs, while most of them are new to politics. These women have entered the battle zone out of keen interest and some on the other hand view politics as an antidote to their ailing wounds caused by the brutal norms of the society or their own misfortune. Whatever may be the reason, they are here, ready to give in their best fight.

Hina Bhatt, is the most popular woman face of the BJP in Kashmir valley. This dentist turned politician is contesting elections for the first time and has already gained widespread popularity owing to her bold remark on picking up arms if Atricle 370 is revoked from Kashmir although she retracted the statement later on. This statement had obviously raised eye brows as revoking Article 370 has been BJP's pivotal agenda in Kashmir throughout the party's political journey .

Most of these women have their own interesting story and reason for entering politics.

Here goes the list of these nine brave women of Kashmir who are contesting state Assembly Polls: