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People of J&K have rejected the bullet by showing the strength of the ballot, says Narendra Modi in Udhampur

India TV News Desk November 28, 2014 13:59 IST
India TV News Desk

Udhampur(J&K): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today congratulated the people of Jammu and Kashmir for thwarting the evil designs of the terrorists by voting in large numbers in the first phase of assembly elections.

Addressing a large gathering in Udhampur, Narendra Modi said, "The way you voted this time, you have given victory to democracy...Jo log bullet ke zor se ballot ko dabaya kartey the,unhe logon ne bullet ko dabakar ballot ka parichay karwa diya hain.Terrorists are panicking because the ppl of J&K are determined to change their destiny through democratic ways.People have rejected the bullet and shown the strength of the ballot."

"The terrorists have got frustrated and are panicking. They threw so many bombs, attacked people, shut down areas and yet so many people have assembled here today. You have sent out a strong message," added Modi.

Modi said that both the ruling partry and opposition of the state are angry with him because he is trying to ensure that the money sent from Delhi goes out to the right people and is not lost mid-way.

"Had funds been utilized properly then people of J&K would have been the richest people of the state. Do you want every Rupee returned to you? (Crowd: Yes)…what didn't happen in the past 30 years, that will happen now in the coming few years.Rahul Gandhi had said that if Rs.1 is sent from Delhi then only 15 paisa reached villages. Where does this 85 paisa go?who benefited out of it? Be it NC, or…(Crowd shouts - Congress)…without me having to say anything you are saying it, because…”ye janta hai sab kuch janti hai," said Modi.

"60 years have passed by. Those who do not care about the people of the state are forming alliances to grab and snatch whatever they can from you. But I assure you that J&K will always be given help but we will also ensure that the money is going into the right hands and is being used for the right cause. So I have tightened the screw. That's why the Opposition is against me and so is the incumbent state. government," added Modi.

Emphasing the importance of Tourism, Modi said that this sector has huge potential of generating employment for everybody including tea-sellers.

"Does any youth say that now that Modiji you have become the PM, get me a house…no they want employment. They want to support their aging parents. Tourism, employment generation- are two sectors that my government intends to focus on. Tourism is one sector in which everyone benefits – including tea- seller. It was Atal ji who dreamt of bringing railways here and it is us who are working to fulfill this dream," said Modi.

Modi also promised to work for the welfare of those who were wearing uniforms.

"I want to assure you- I have seen the security people. They don't face as much stress here as anywhere. Shouldn't we think about their peace of mind. Shouldn't they be able to sleep well too. I want to tell all men in uniforms that the next government will work for you," said Modi.

Reminding the people of Jammu and Kashmir the importance of clear mandates in elections, Modi said that people today respect India because the people have given a clear mandate and the people of Jammu and Kashmir should do the same in assembly elections.

"The entire world is clamoring and cheering for India. Do you know why? Its not because of Modi, its because of 1.25 billion people of India... Because You have given clear mandate to the government. When world leaders greet Modi, they don't see me, but the 1.25 billion people of India. So you must give complete mandate to the BJP this time. I will treat all the diseases that have plagued this state," said Modi.

Here we are giving you live updates of Modi's rally: