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Narendra Modi sold fake dreams, alleges Sonia Gandhi

India TV News Desk 20 Aug 2014, 18:02:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi Wednesday accused BJP of selling fake dreams to the people. She also alleged that Modi government had no vision of its own and was just mimicking the UPA regime.

“Whatever schemes we had planned, they are reiterating the same. We have done a lot for the nation but some people spread webs of lies and people fell victim to them” said Gandhi as she addressed party workers on Rajiv Gandhi's 70th birth anniversary.

Sonia Gandhi indirectly targeted Narendra Modi and said, those who showed false dreams have gone ahead. “But winning and losing is a part of life”, she added.

Congress President reminded the party workers that it was the Congress party who had appointed the President for the first time in India, and also introduced the position of ‘Speaker'. (Lok Sabha Speaker recently denied position of Leader of Opposition to the Congress).

Sonia along with her son Rahul visited Veer Bhoomi earlier today to pay homage to Rajiv Gandhi.
While addressing the party at Sankalp Sammelan here, Sonia Gandhi said Rajiv Gandhi's ideals and vision would always be with us.

Invoking women's rights, Sonia Gandhi said: “Rajiv ji used to say no country can progress by ignoring half of the population.”

She further vowed to build 'full pressure' on NDA government to pass the Women's Reservation bill as soon as possible.

“Rajiv ji always wanted 33% reservation for women in Parliament and Assembly...Even if we are in Opposition today, we will not rest until the Women Reservation's Bill is passed in Parliament,” the Congress president said.
Hailing her party for never sacrificing its ideals for elections, the Congress president underlined that victory and defeat are part of life; important thing is to stick to the ideology.