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"More than the weapons the potential lies with the one who carries it" says PM Modi in Guwahati: Top quotes

India TV News Desk 30 Nov 2014, 10:55:43 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed senior police officers and Intelligence Officers of India.

Some top quotes of his speech were:

Modi: I want SMART police. SMART stands for: S: Strict, Sensitivity M: Modern, Mobility A: Alert, accountable R: Reliable, responsive T: Techno savvy, trained

Modi: Through you a lot of good things are happening in the nation. Why can't positive stories be put on a website to inspire people?

Modi: Our Home Minister has been a successful CM of a big state and his guidance will be beneficial for us

Modi: Our nation is in desperate need for systematic provisions for the police department, their families, children, etc.

Modi: Police welfare is another issue. An officer may be very good but it's important that his/her family is well

Modi: We can maintain records through books and galleries of the martyrs. Their stories must be stored and retold. We need such souvenirs. Can't we come out with an e-book in the states on the martyrs of the police force? The effort can inspire a lot of people:

Modi: For nation's defence, a good intelligence system is required

Modi: After Independence, many police officers sacrificed their lives for the nation, and this sacrifice should be known:

Modi: “My gratitude to all those police officers who are serving the nation”

Modi: “I will be with the officers till afternoon. I wish to listen more today than speak.

Modi: “More than the weapons the potential lies with the one who carries it”.