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Complete story - Natwar Singh and his hatred for Sonia Gandhi

Raj Singh 04 Aug 2014, 14:06:08 PM IST
Raj Singh
New Delhi: Natwar Singh has created ripples in Indian politics with his sensational revelations about Congress president Sonia Gandhi, her husband late Rajiv Gandhi and their children Rahul and Priyanka.

Natwar Singh, a former union minister, in his book “One Life is not Enough: An Autobiography” has made startling disclosures  about the sequence of events that made Sonia Gandhi backtrack on her PM candidature that resulted in Dr Manmohan Singh emerging as the dark horse who went on to become India's Prime Minister in 2004.
If Natwar Singh is to be believed then it was Rahul Gandhi who forced Sonia Gandhi to withdraw her candidature as he feared for her life in case she became Prime Minister. Rahul was worried that Sonia may also get assassinated like his father and grandmother.