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No Threat To J&K Coalition: Soz

PTI 04 Jan 2010, 14:55:16 PM IST

Ruling out any factionalism in state Congress, which heads the coalition in Jammu and Kashmir, PCC chief Saif-ud-Din Soz has said there was no threat to the Omar Abdullah government. 

"There is no threat to the coalition in Jammu and Kashmir. It is running smoothly. There are no differences between Congress and National Conference and the coalition was getting stronger day by day," he said. 

Soz was talking to reporters on the sidelines of a funtion in Swankha village, 50 kms from here, yesterday. 

"Congress is united. We all are making efforts to make it stronger. Co-ordination committee is doing its job in a better way," he said. 

On whether a possible reshuffle in the Omar Abdullah ministry was getting delayed because of factionalism in Congress, he said, "There is no groupism or factionalism in the party. We are united. If a few persons have gone here and there you cannot say it is factionalism. For reshuffle, Omar is the right person to respond." 

Asked if any disciplinary action was being contemplated by Congress leadership against those indulging in such acts, the PCC chief said, "Congress is a large and responsible party. It will take a decision by giving a wider and mature thought." PTI