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Not sad about non-induction into cabinet : Subramanian Swamy

PTI 09 Nov 2014, 20:55:35 PM IST

Bhubaneswar:  Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today said he is not sad about not being part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Council of Ministers.  “Am I looking sad? I have been travelling all along.

I have been to Kolkata yesterday and now here on invitation of a university,” Swamy told reporters replying a question on whether his talents are under-utilised by the Modi government. 

Terming the craving for posts as a “British mindset”, Swamy said ...”Indian Brahmins and learned persons never had any posts, yet Rajas listened to them.

If I say anything on any matter, the Raja listens to me. I am in that good position today.“If made a minister, I will be confined to one ministry.  Now, I can talk on entire ministries. Don't feel sad for me....”, Swamy said.

Clarifying the reason behind his skipping the oath-taking ceremony in Delhi, Swamy said: “I was invited to witness the oath taking ceremony and told to cancel my appointment in Odisha. However, I told them that I have already committed to the university. Therefore, I am here.”