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Pappu Yadav behaves rude with airhostess?

PTI 17 Jun 2015, 7:02:34 IST

New Delhi: Expelled RJD MP from Bihar Pappu Yadav today allegedly behaved rudely with an airhostess of a Jet Airways flight from Patna after she asked the lawmaker not to throw the leftover food in the aisle. 

The incident happened when the plane from Patna was on its way to New Delhi, airline sources said. 
“Yadav was extremely unruly with the cabin crew when she asked him not to throw the leftover food in the aisle and also misbehaved with her,” an airline source said. 

When contacted, Yadav denied having indulged in any brawl on the flight.“Nothing of this sort happened,” Yadav told PTI.  Even Jet Airways reacted in a very guarded manner and did not disclose the identity of the passenger while admitting an incident onboard its Patna flight.

“The captain of the flight 9W-728 before landing at Delhi requested ATC for security assistance at the gate due to a disruptive guest onboard. The guest was led by security agencies on arrival,” Jet Airways said in a statement. 

A CISF official also said that no complaint was received in this regard.“No one either the airline or its staff has filed any complaint with us about the incident,” the official said.