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Narendra Modi: Corruption is more serious disease than cancer

India TV News Desk August 19, 2014 16:15 IST
India TV News Desk
Kaithal (Haryana): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today responded to the criticism that he failed to say anything on corruption during his independence Day speech.

Addressing a public meeting in Kaithal of Haryana, Modi said that Corruption is more serious disease than cancer and he will take tough steps to eradicate it.

“Friends, I had spoken my heart out during my  Independence Day sppech. But some people criticized my speech saying I didn't say anything about corruption. I had said that we need to move away from  “mera kya” (What about me, how will I gain?). 'Mera Kya' and 'Mujhe Kya' have ruined us, we need a corruption free nation. Don't you all want to root out corruption?” said Modi.

Recalling his long association with Haryana, Modi said that people of Haryana have given immense love to him and that they have special right over him.

“Previously when I had visited Haryana, I had said that people of Haryana have special rights over me. Now that I have become the Prime Minister of India I repeat – people of Haryana have special rights over me.  I tell you now; the government will do all it can for you,” said Modi.

Modi rued the fact that despite taking the lead in feeding the people of the entire country, Haryana farmers have not got adequate monetary reward. He also announced that the his govt will soon launch “Prime Minister Gram Krishi Sichaee Yojana” for the benefit of farmers.

“Farmers of Haryana fill coffers of the country with food grains. But our famers are left empty handed. Farmers here have never stepped back in feeding the hungry people of the country. Like Vajpayee, our government will start “Prime Minister Gram Krishi Sichaee Yojana”. Some central schemes have been lying incomplete, I assure you I will try and complete them,” said Modi.

Earlier , Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the Kaithal-Narwana-Hisar-Rajasthan national highway (NH-65) at Kaithal. Haryana Chief Minister B S Hooda was also present on this occasion.

Here we are giving you live updates of his speech: