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Rahul Gandhi: People who worship women as 'Devi', molest them in buses

India TV News Desk 20 Aug 2014, 18:00:38 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi Wednesday said that often men who visit temples and worship “devi”; molest women in buses and other public places.

Rahul Gandhi made this observation while addressing his party members in the Talkatora stadium in New Delhi on the birth anniversary of his father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

“In India, people worship ‘devi' and address women as their mothers or sisters. But often, the same people then molest women in buses and suppress them.” said Rahul.

Most of Rahul's speech focused on women empowerment. He lauded UPA government's contribution in giving power to the common man.

“Every UPA scheme gave power to the poor and needy in India for the last 10 years,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi emphasized on the need for change in national thought process.  

“The society will not change only by implementing laws. It will develop by changing the mindset of the people,” he said.

“We need to empower women, give them power and share their pain,” said Rahul Gandhi. Rahul also said that “a tsunami of Mahila Congress will sweep the nation like the one in 2005.”

While acknowledging Congress' attempt to strengthen women, he also took a dig at Modi's government saying, “This government thinks that women should be worshipped but not empowered”.

He repeated Sonia Gandhi's stand on Women's reservation Bill, and said that the Congress party would ensure that it is passed.