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Rahul Gandhi's dig at Mamata Banerjee's Bangladesh Visit

PTI 07 Jun 2015, 7:27:56 AM IST

Kolkata:  Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday raised questions over the "friendship" between West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, joining him in the visit to Bangladesh.

"When our (UPA) government was there, our PM wanted to go to Bangladesh. We spoke to her (Banerjee) and requested her to go with us. She said no, 'ekla chalo re' (will go alone).

"Now, Modiji is there, so no 'ekla chalo re'. We will go together. Why is this happening? What is the friendship about? You must be knowing the reason," he told his party workers in Kolkata.

He was alluding to Ms Banerjee travelling to Dhaka to attend the signing ceremony of the land boundary agreement with Bangladesh in Dhaka today in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart Sheikh Hasina.