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Rahul Gandhi is a good person, not politician: Natwar Singh

India TV News Desk 01 Aug 2014, 14:42:25 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: The ongoing war of words between Natwar Singh and Gandhi family is intensifying with each passing day.

In an interview with a news channel over his yet to be released book "One Life is Not Enough: An Autobiography", Natwar Singh has said that the strong backlash from Sonia to his book proves that it ‘has touched a raw nerve'.

He asserted that over 50 Congressmen called him to congratulate him for “telling the truth” through his book.

 Sonia Gandhi Thursday retorted to Natwar Singh's book by saying that she would write her own book and thus ‘truth' will be revealed.

She was reacting to Natwar Singh's charges that described her as "venomous", “obsessively suspicious” and “a prima donna” who was treated like royalty from the day she stepped in to India."

When asked about his opinion on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi he described him as a good person, but he didn't have the fire that is needed to be a politician.

Mr Singh was a close confidante of the Gandhi family; when the Congress-led coalition came to power in 2004, he was made Foreign Minister but was forced to quit a year later after his name figured in “Oil for Food” scandal.

Natwar has denied any wrongdoing, and says that Sonia Gandhi did not intervene because she was told by advisers that her proximity to him would allow critics to allege that he was acting on her behalf in siphoning money.