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Home Minister Rajnath Singh prays for India's rise as global leader

PTI 07 Nov 2014, 18:22:42 PM IST

Jerusalem: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday visited holy sites in the Old city of Jerusalem, including Judaism's holiest site, where he customarily placed a prayer note expressing his wish that India regain its leadership position in the comity of nations.

A source, who went to pray at the site minutes later, saw a note in Hindi saying "Bharat punah jagatguru ke pad par aasin ho".

Traditionally such prayers, estimated at more than a million each year including some that arrive by fax and e-mail, are collected twice a year and buried on the Mount of Olives.

It is considered a taboo to read the prayers.

The minister when asked about it neither confirmed nor denied the content given the personal nature of such wishes.