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'Rapes happen with mutual consent of boys and girls,' says this Uttar Pradesh Minister

PTI 07 Jun 2015, 7:34:36 IST

Mainpuri:  Uttar Pradesh Minister Totaram Yadav on Saturday said that "rapes happen with the mutual consent of boys and girls".

Asked if rape incidents in the state could be controlled, Mr Yadav said, "What is rape? There is nothing as such. Rapes happen with the mutual consent of boys and girls."

The senior Samajwadi Party or SP leader also sought to classify rapes into two types, "Rapes are of two types, one which is forced and another that happens with mutual consent."

Mr Yadav was speaking to reporters after inspecting a district jail. He, however, parried queries to elaborate on his remarks.

SP Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav had last year sparked outrage with his comments questioning the death sentence to three men who were convicted of two gang-rapes in Mumbai.

"Should rape cases be punished with hanging? They are boys, they make mistakes," he had then said.