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RSS Flip-Flop On Telangana

PTI 04 Jan 2010, 20:43:48 IST

The RSS on Monday  said reorganising Andhra Pradesh into two separate states was in line with its thinking. 

"The RSS has always held that creating a few more states for better development and convenience of administration, without affecting national unity and without creating bad blood between people, is always welcome," Sangh Central Executive member Ram Madhav said in a statement in New Delhi. 

Madhav was clarifying RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's remarks on Telangana in Allahabad on Sunday. Bhagwat had said that  creating new states would weaken India.

The RSS chief had said: "Creation of separate states was a folly for which the nation is still paying the price. The proposed creation of Telangana will only add to the country's woes without solving any of its problems.  We need to find out ways to unite the people and not divide them." Bhagwat was addressing a function organised by the outfit's 'Kashi Prant' unit in Allahabad.  

The RSS statement said Bhagwat had not intended to say that the organisation was against creation of a separate Telangana state. 

He said Bhagwat had only commented on the "flip-flops" of the Centre on Telangana that had led to "unnecessary tensions and violence" in Andhra Pradesh in the last couple of weeks. PTI