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RSS lauds Indian Army's action against NE insurgents

New Delhi: RSS yesterday lauded the action by the Indian Army against northeast insurgents along the Myanmar border, saying it was a matter of pride for the country.The organisation also raised the contentious issue of
PTI June 14, 2015 6:55 IST

New Delhi: RSS yesterday lauded the action by the Indian Army against northeast insurgents along the Myanmar border, saying it was a matter of pride for the country.

The organisation also raised the contentious issue of Love Jihad saying it has to be set right.

Speaking at the valedictory function of a RSS training camp here, Joint General Secretary V Bhagaiah said some days back, the army annihilated the insurgents, who had killed its jawans in an attack earlier.

"This is a matter of pride. Our army is valorous. But, there used to be lack of political will in the past," he said, adding that political will has been demonstrated and it is a moment of pride.

While many youth were lauding the action, he said, some selfish people were unfortunately criticising it.

Stressing on the need to accord honour to women, Bhagaiah said those who commit crimes against women do not come from outside, but are citizens of this country.

He also expressed concerns over crimes against women.

Bhagaiah said, Love Jihad was another issue of concern and it could be tackled when there is an atmosphere of love and affection within the family.

He said, in recent times, the country has been progressing and new enthusiasm and excitement are being witnessed among people.

He criticised the previous government, saying many of its ministers were involved in corruption.

The RSS leader said, in the present government no minister has committed any scam.

Bhagaiah also stressed on the importance of eradicating untouchability in the society.

In another training camp for its volunteers, All India Executive Committee member of RSS Ashok Beri termed caste- based division and practise of untouchability as a "big challenge" before the society and stressed on the need to create an "equal and exploitation-free" nation.

Beri added that elimination of such division and lacunas in the caste need to be thought from local-level.

"Division of society based on caste and practise of untouchability is a big challenge before us. The RSS aims at creating society free of caste-based division and exploitation. The RSS alone can't do such work and participation of each of us is required to attain such a society," he said.

Claiming that Mahatma Gandhi was left impressed with caste-less RSS sessions when he visited one such camp in 1934 in Maharashtra's Vardha, Beri said "such work (caste-free sessions) is going on in 50,000 branches of Sangh. But what is the next step? This work has to be taken forward in all the districts of the country. Each caste head has to think what are the drawbacks in his/her caste and how to eliminate those.

"How do I remove poverty, illiteracy from my caste? People think about caste issues at national level, but we will have to think at local, village-level. Each volunteer is working in this direction," he said, adding that people must refrain from spreading hatred about great men from other castes.

"These great men belong to entire country. We must instill faith for Bharatmata among all," he urged.

He expressed concerns over rise in number of nuclear families in India saying Sangh volunteers have also started enlightening people on values of nation's old family system.

The trend in India was worrying at a time when world was eager to learn about family values from "our country", he added.

Among other issues, Beri claimed United Nations adopting June 21 as International Yoga Day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a move in this regard last September, it reflected India's "growing reputation" in the world.

Beri also referred to attempts made to ban RSS four times in the past, but added the organisation still stood firm without encouraging violence.

Lauding RSS further, he said the Sangh has been serving people across 40 nations in the world "without forcing" anyone to convert Hindu religion.

Former chief secretary in the Delhi Government, Deepak Mohan Spolia too attended the event, but he left the programme midway following health issues.

However, in a statement released later, Spolia appreciated physical and ethical training provided by Sangh to its volunteers.

Meanwhile, during the three-week session, 295 youngsters were trained in physical and mental fitness, the Delhi province of RSS said.NORTJH