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Salman Khurshid demands PM Modi's clarification for India's policy towards Pak

PTI 23 Jan 2016, 22:25:05 IST

Jaipur: Former External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid today said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should clarify India's policy towards Pakistan.

"The Prime Minister has not clarified what policy the country is going to follow for Pakistan. If you want to engage in dialogue and establish friendly relations with Pakistan whether or not was there was any difference in the message from India to Pakistan after the Pathankot attack," Khurshid said.

The Congress leader was speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival here.

Earlier at a session at the festival where his new book 'The Other Side of the Mountain' was launched he insisted on the importance of dialogue between the NDA government and the Opposition.

"The dialogue must continue," he said. Over the issue of "intolerance," the Centre should "look at ground realities".

"It has to be seen why the government has not been able to check it (intolerance). It is the responsibility of government and the society as well," he said.