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Shiv Sena to sit in opposition if BJP takes NCP's support: Uddhav Thackeray

PTI 09 Nov 2014, 21:55:31 PM IST

Mumbai:  Shiv Sena today threatened to sit in opposition in Maharashtra if ruling BJP dared to take support of Sharad Pawar's NCP for the survival of its government but also kept the door open for reconciliation, saying it should come clear on the issue within two days.  

“Shiv Sena won't hanker for power at the cost of self-respect,” Sena President Uddhav Thackeray told reporters at Sena Bhawan in Central Mumbai tonight, after a meeting of party legislators.

“Had we been hungry for power, we would have accepted whatever came our way in today's (Union ministry) expansion,” he said.“If we don't get a satisfactory answer (from BJP) in next two days, we will sit in opposition,” Uddhav said.  “We feel Hindutva forces should not split.

But Sharad Pawar has announced support to BJP. NCP leaders were the ones to visit the house of Ishrat Jahan (one of the victims of alleged 2004 fake encounter in Gujarat),” he said.  

“It will be the misfortune of the state and country if BJP accepts NCP support,” he said.“Hindutva powers should be united and if BJP wants to go with NCP, then our paths will be different,” Uddhav said. 

“NCP Chief Sharad Pawar was the one who coined the term “saffron terror”. If BJP accepts his party's support, we will prefer to sit in opposition and be with the people,” he said.  

Asked about Sena MP Anil Desai going to Delhi today but returning here without being sworn in, Uddhav said, “We had told them (BJP) that there cannot be two yardsticks, one for the Centre and other for state.”

“In the Centre you are taking us with you, but there was no clarity about our role in the state,” he said.  To a query on a reported meeting of Sena and NCP leaders recently, Uddhav said, “If I have to meet (NCP leaders) I will do so openly.”