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Shots fired outside house of Kathua's Congress candidate

PTI 23 Nov 2014, 7:55:17 AM IST

Jammu: Two shots from a pistol were fired tonight outside the house of Congress candidate from Kathua seat in Jammu and Kashmir.

Later, police arrested the grandson of former deputy chief minister of the state for his alleged role in the firing.

“The accused has been arrested and the weapon of offence has also been recovered,” a police officer said.  

Congress leader and former state Cabinet minister, Babu Singh said, “My wife was alone at the home when Nitin entered our house and created nuisance here.”

Singh said that after hearing the noise his younger brother reached the house and asked Nitin to leave.  “But he fired one round on my brother and crossed the fence.

And from his house, which is next to ours, he fired several round towards our house,” he said.  The state wing of Congress has strongly condemned the firing on the house of party candidate from Kathua.