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Sitaram Yechury rules out alliance with Congress

PTI 26 Apr 2015, 19:18:24 PM IST

Kolkata:  Ruling out an alliance with Congress, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury today sought co-operation of all "secular" opposition parties to fight the Narendra Modi government's economic policies and the "Hindutva agenda".

"We are very clear that there can be no alliance with the Congress party because of fundamental ideological differences," he said.

Asked about any possibility of alliance with Congress, Yechury told reporters that they were co-operating with Congress in Parliament based on issues.

The veteran Left leader alleged the Modi government was "patronising a hardcore Hindutva agenda" and sought cooperation of all secular parties to fight the Centre's economic policies.

"The Modi government has combined two objectives into one anti-people, neo-liberal economic policies in the name of "achhe din" and rapid communalisation that is taking place all over the country," Yechury alleged.

"I seek co-operation of all secular, opposition parties who are willing to fight," he said.

On the political situation in West Bengal, the CPI(M) leader said, "The people were living in a dangerous situation as they were caught between majority communalism of BJP and minority communalism of the ruling Trinamool Congress." It was his first visit to the state after being elected as the party's general secretary on April 19.

When asked about the decline in organisational strength of the party in the state, Yechury said they would begin work to arrest and then reverse the decline.

On yesterday's violence in civic polls, he said, "The politics of terror has continued unabated in West Bengal, which is making a mockery of democracy.

People have faith in democracy and that is why they had turned up in large numbers.

"A good number of women had also come out to vote. But they were met with armed political activists and armed hooligans. This is, in our opinion, a big blot on Indian democracy."

He called upon people to build up widespread resistance against such "attacks on democracy".

"If people's resistance is the only answer to this then it is unfortunate. But if it is the only way, then it should be done as there is no other option. Resistance will be the hallmark of restoring democracy," Yechury said.

Stating that farmers suicide were unheard of in West Bengal in the last few decades, he alleged that "the
curtailment of democracy in the state is similar to what was during the Emergency".

The CPI(M) leader said they have requested the State Election Commission to review the way civic polls were held.

"This experience would be of much use during the state Assembly polls next year so that the democratic rights can be exercised," he said.