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SP 'Used' My Services Against Mayawati, Blogs Amar Singh

PTI 21 Jan 2010, 23:16:38 IST

A sulking Amar Singh on Thursday  trained his guns on the Samajwadi Party, alleging it "used" his services against UP Chief Minister Mayawati. 

Quoting the mythical tale of sage Dadhichi, who had given his life in favour of angels in their war against demons, Singh said he was used by the SP against Mayawati. 

"They used my services by making me exert myself for the party cause, because of which I damaged my kidneys. But unlike Dadhichi, I have not died due to the best wishes of my family and friends and now, I will serve the cause of smaller communities and the backward class," Singh wrote on his personal blog. 

"When my leader Mulayam Singh Yadav said that I was like a fellow traveller whom he has left behind and at whom he will never look back, I felt like I have been freed from all responsibilities," Singh's blog read.

"Workers of several parties especially from eastern UP and even many of my Yadav brothers have been abusing me. All the love and affection that Mulayamji had showered on me till now, he is busy taking it all back in quick time," the blog said. PTI