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SP Not In A Hurry To Expel Amar

PTI 29 Jan 2010, 17:15:34 PM IST

Samajwadi Party, locked in a clash with Amar Singh, today ruled out his expulsion from the party and is preparing for a battle of wits so that he does not enjoy the privileges of an "unattached" member in Rajya Sabha. 

"We are just watching Amar Singh. We don't want to fall into his trap. He is not a 24-hour political worker and wants the ladder of the Rajya Sabha seat till alternative arrangements are made," party general secretary Mohan Singh told PTI. Alleging that Amar Singh would be "nowhere" without the Rajya Sabha seat, the party spokesman said that SP was "not in a hurry" to take disciplinary action against him. 

The party also made light of the dissenting leader's challenge that he was capable of winning Lok Sabha elections from the seats held by party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav's kin, including son Akhilesh, in Uttar Pradesh after contesting against them. 

"Why did he not contest an election earlier? He is like a wrestler who has never entered any ring and if suddenly he faces an opponent then there is more chance of an injury to him. He should contest some local election first," Mohan Singh said. The party general secretary was sarcastic when asked to comment on Amar's claim that he had even damaged his kidney while promoting the cause of the party.

"The problem is that one could donate a kidney but not the brain. It cannot be replaced," he remarked. PTI