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Two-finger test not to be used on rape victims, clarifies Delhi govt

India TV News Desk 08 Jun 2015, 15:15:48 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain today clarified that the Per Vaginal (PV) examination, more commonly known as the two-finger test, will not be used for examination of rape victims.

“In the 14-page order of May 29, there was scope for misinterpretation. We are issuing an advisory by this evening to clarify that medical practitioners will not at all use the two-finger test unless it is required for medical treatment. It is banned in cases of sexual assault. There is no logic in ascertaining the sexual history of a victim,” the minister said.

Jain's clarification came in the wake of a circular by the special secretary (health) of Delhi government stating that the government could not ban the test but it will only be used in selected cases.

Two-finger test and all other check-ups a rape victim undergoes

The circular reads, “It cannot be recommended that physicians be made to function under the constraint of a complete ban of these essential steps of internal examination of a sexual assault survivor.”

The test that the Supreme Court and the Justice J S Verma committee had ruled against will be banned in cases of sexual assault, Jain said.

Jain, however, further said that the Delhi government was not withdrawing or backtracking from any decision taken but only clarifying the procedure laid down.

“There are 30,000 staff members in the health department and 50 HoDs.  HoDs have the power to take certain decisions and they were only complying with CIC orders. There is no wrong done by anyone for us to take action. There was scope for misinterpretation but our new advisory will make everything clear,” said Jain.