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'Unauthorised disclosure on black money can sabotage probe': Arun Jaitley

PTI 02 Nov 2014, 19:07:33 PM IST

New Delhi: Lashing out at those, including the Congress party, who want the government to make names of black money holders public, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today said unauthorised disclosure of such names can sabotage investigation and benefit the guilty.

“An unauthorised disclosure of information is fraught with both investigation and economic consequences. They can sabotage the investigation.

They can attract sanctions in the form of withholding taxes,” he said in a Facebook post on a day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that all efforts would be made to bring back black money stashed abroad.

Questioning those demanding disclosure of names in violation of tax treaties, Jaitley said: “The Congress Party's stand is understandable. It does not want evidence to be forthcoming in support of the names available with SIT.
Are some others ill informed, just indulging in bravado or are they Trojan horses?”
The Minister exuded confidence that the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which has been entrusted by the Supreme Court with the investigation, will succeed in bringing out the truth and the NDA government made available all the names in its possession to the SIT on 27th June, 2014 itself.

“The NDA Government has had an exemplary record in this matter... It will continue to support the SIT fully and unequivocally in search of truth,” Jaitley said.

The choice before the government was between unauthorised disclosure and disclosure as per treaties, he said, adding that the latter is both a fair and beneficial proposition.

“It will help in collection of evidence and exposure of a wrong doing in accordance with law and fair procedure. A disclosure without evidence would ensure that evidence is never available,” he added.