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Vinay Katiyar Wants To Retire From Politics

PTI 10 Jan 2010, 21:12:06 IST

Apparently trying for a significant post in the new set up under president Nitin Gadkari, BJP general secretary Vinay Katiyar today said he wants to take political 'sanyas' but was evasive on quitting his Rajya Sabha membership and other party post.

"My mind is fed up of politics. I want to take sanyas," Katiar told PTI when asked about reports that he wants to quit politics. 

However, when queried whether he was resigning from the Rajya Sabha when his term ends in 2012, Katiyar said "don't link this (sanyas) with the Rajya Sabha. Politics is temporary while spiritualism is permanent". 

He gave a similar reply when asked whether he would give up the post of general secretary of BJP. 

BJP sources said this could be an attempt by Katiyar to build pressure on Gadkari to give him a more important post in the new team. 

Some others feel that he could be preparing the ground for an excuse in case he does not figure in the new set up as he is already saying he is interested in political sanyas.

Katiyar, who is spending time in his hometown Ayodhya, said he will be back in Delhi in February when the Budget Session of Parliament begins. PTI