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Violence in schools: Ramadoss urges for moral, PT classes

PTI 30 Nov 2014, 14:43:04 PM IST

Chennai: Concerned over the recent incidents of violence in schools in different parts of Tamil Nadu, PMK founder Dr S Ramadoss today called for an education system in which moral and physical training classes are compulsory.

Citing recent incidents, he said in a statement, “In a place where knowledge and arts are to bloom, violence and indiscipline has come up.

If students take to violence at an the age they are supposed to hold a pen, it means the education system is wrong.”

In October last, an engineering college principal was hacked to death by students of the same college in Vallanadu of Tuticorin district.

A Class 11 student was killed by his classmate in their classroom in Vilangudi of Dindigul district on Nov 12. In another incident, a Class 8 student was murdered by a former student of the school in Pandalgudi of Virudhunagar district.

Observing that the culture among students had been ruined the moment education was made a business, Ramadoss said schools do not spend enough time in teaching students morals.

“They even cancel PT classes and hold special classes for scoring high in exams.

But moral classes are important. So moral and physical education classes should be made compulsory in schools and colleges across the state,” he added.