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Will focus on targeted completion of tasks: Manohar Parrikar

PTI 10 Nov 2014, 16:29:35 PM IST

Lucknow:  A day after taking charge of the Defence Ministry, Manohar Parrikar today said he would focus on “targeted completion” of works to strengthen the armed forces.

Parrikar, who today filed nomination for Rajya Sabha elections from Uttar Pradesh, however, said he will need some time to get acquainted with the ministry. 

“My work is targeted completion of whatever is required to strengthen India through the defence forces,” he told reporters even as he evaded queries about his portfolio.  

“Defence Minister was defenceless against the press today, but I won't allow the country to be defenceless against the enemies,” Parriker quipped.

“I have become the Defence Minister I came to know around 11.35 PM. Give me some time, let me study.  

Relationships between India and its neighbouring countries is a sensitive issue,” he said while replying to a question.  “Only due to my lack of information... because I was the Chief Minister of Goa, I was not the Defence Minister.

I was not even in the Centre. Therefore, on this, give me a week to have a complete understanding. I will talk to the Prime Minister after that I will reply,” he said.  

“Unless I study the department properly, and it won't take much time... after that I will reply,” Parrikar said.  “I regret I can't reply on my portfolio as of today,” he added.

Talking about the elections, Parrikar said he felt proud and lucky on getting a chance to represent Uttar Pradesh in the Rajya Sabha.

“After filing nomination for Rajya Sabha from this state I am feeling proud. This state, which has given big leaders, which is the land of Ram-Krishna, which is the starting point of the history of the country.

I got a chance to represent such a state, I consider myself lucky,” he said.  He said he was grateful to the MLAs, the party and most importantly the people of UP.

“I assure that with best of my abilities, not only I will serve the nation, but also ensure that whatever my skills and abilities are, they are used to the maximum for UP. I guarantee this to you people,” he said.