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Will Rahul Gandhi return tonight?

India TV News Desk 15 Apr 2015, 23:53:24 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: After taking nearly a two month sabbatical, Congress Vice President and scion of Gandhi family Rahul Gandhi is expected to return to the country tonight, according to some media reports. He is expected to lead an anti-land ordinance rally on 19 April.

Congress party is waiting with abated breath as all eyes are set on their leader's return.

His absence, during some of the important developments in the country has drawn criticism from different political corners and garnered widespread media attention

In last two months, Rahul has missed the crucial budget session, the united opposition against the land acquisition bill, and he was also not present to show solidarity when former prime minister from his party was summoned by the court.

Meanwhile, on the issue of Rahul taking the  reins of the party, the Congress looks like a divided house.  Senior party leaders have expressed their reservation over Rahul's ability to lead and expressed faith in Sonia's leadership.

Yesterday, former chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit questioned the leadership qualities of party vice president Rahul Gandhi causing major embarrassment to the party. However, she later clarified that her statements were misconstrued.

Ms Dikshit's son, Congress leader Sandeep, had also suggested recently that the party will not benefit from Sonia Gandhi making way for her son for the party president's post.

Recently senior congress leader Amarinder Singh  had also said that Sonia Gandhi should “retain” Congress Presidentship and a generation change cannot be done “with a knife”.

Gandhi, often termed as a reluctant politician, took leave of absence after a series of electoral defeats the party faced under his leadership, which included a colossal defeat in last year's national election and the Delhi election in February.

Meanwhile micro blogging site is abuzz with specualation over Rahul's return.Poking fun at Rahul's long disappearnce, novelist Chetan Bhagat today tweeted

"If Rahul Gandhi is not coming can he at least send his slippers or something so Congress can place them at the throne and run the party?"

Columnist and marketing guru Suhel Seth tweeted "Given that Rahul Gandhi will be back today, is the Congress planning to celebrate Ghar Wapasi?"

"Rahul Gandhi to return today presumably to BJP's delight" tweeted writer and journalist Minhaz Merchant

While Congress spokesperson Ajay Maken on Tuesday said that he has “no idea” about date of Rahul's arrival, a party functionary speaking on condition of anonymity said the Congress Vice President will indeed be back on Wednesday.