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Yoga a compulsory subject in Central government run schools: HRD Minister Smriti Irani

PTI 22 Jun 2015, 16:36:23 PM IST

New Delhi:  Releasing the syllabus and course material for the students, the Minister said the subject would not put any additional burden on students as 80 marks would be reserved for practicals.

"If you give me liberty, I will reduce main curriculum by 50 percent. But to begin with, we have set up a team to work on this to reduce main curriculum by 25 percent. If not all schools, we will do it in some schools as a pilot project.

"You reduce 25 percent main curriculum and replace the portion with course of living life...replace it with yoga, sports, music," Sisodia, who is also the state's Education Minister, said.

He urged Irani to see marks are allotted for such course to ensure students find the subjects important.

"So, it is my request to the Centre, HRD Ministers, we will need your guidance. Let there be marks for the same. Let students see it as this too can be a career opportunity. Let them find it equally important to learning physics, mathematics.

"As far as Centre's yoga syllabus is concerned, we will implement it completely or partially in Delhi schools from this session itself," he said.

Sisodia said that there should be no politics involved when it comes to Yoga and assured Centre that the Delhi Government will extend support required in imbibing the art form in the lives of common people.

"In a country like India, all of us from different segments need to understand yoga. We will have to wipe out these fractions of creeds, politics, and governments. When these will be wiped out only then yoga is possible. This is the first condition of yoga," he said.

The Deputy CM further said that images/postures of Gods revered by followers of different religions are forms of asanas in yoga.