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Yoga most easy way to save young generation: PM Modi

PTI 22 Jun 2015, 8:28:19 IST

United Nations: Yoga is the most easy way to save the young generation from moving towards violence, suicides and depression, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a video message to the UN on Sunday, marking the first International Yoga Day.

"When today's young generation moves towards violence, moves towards suicides, live in depression, I think Yoga is most easy way to save them," Modi said in the brief video message played at the UN headquarters here.

Prime Minister Modi congratulated the Yoga Day participants and said that India feels proud that UN took the subject ahead and 177 countries of the world sponsored it.

Modi had proposed celebrating June 21 as Yoga Day during his visit to the UN in September last year and this was readily supported by 193 countries.

"India's priceless legacy is today world's legacy," he said.

"For the welfare of mankind, we must connect with our legacy of yoga because this legacy is man's legacy. This is world's legacy, your legacy, and this is your responsibility to handover the legacy to the coming generation," he added.