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Australia team bus comes under attack in Bangladesh

Reported by: AP New Delhi 05 Sep 2017, 11:47:15 IST

Bangladesh police say they're investigating after the Australian team bus was hit by a small rock or stone as it traveled to the hotel after the opening day of the second cricket test, although they think it was likely related to roadworks. Police said the road was under renovation and it was likely that some small construction debris hit the window of the bus.

"We think there was no major incident," Chittagong Metropolitan Police Commissioner Iqbal Bahar said. "The road ... went into renovation and a small piece of stone unexpectedly hit the window after coming under the security car and hit the team bus."

He said an investigation team had been formed and the route for the Australian team had been changed. Cricket Australia's security manager Sean Carroll said security had been upgraded as a precaution.

"To date we have been happy with security measures that have been in place and we are comfortable with the response from the Bangladesh authorities and the increased security presence we have been provided in light of the incident," Carroll said in a statement. "En route to the hotel last night a window on the Australian team bus was broken. No one was injured in the incident."

The Australians are undertaking their first Test tour to Bangladesh since 2006, after a previous tour was delayed because of security concerns. Bangladesh won the series-opening match in Dhaka last week by 20 runs, giving the country its first test victory ever of Australia.