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'Champion' Dwayne Bravo's next dream is entering Bollywood

IANS 28 Apr 2016, 21:31:21 PM IST

New Delhi: West Indies cricketer and singer Dwayne Bravo says that one of his dreams is to "break into Bollywood".

"Breaking into Bollywood would actually be one of my other dreams so I would definitely like to give that a shot at some point,"

Bravo said in an e-mail interview.

Bravo, whose song 'Champion' got viral on the internet, also mentioned that he wants to "inspire his fans to never stop believing in their dreams".
The all-rounder added that his "management has already got some offers (from Bollywood)".

But for Bravo, "cricket comes first and always will".

"Music was one of my childhood dreams that I have fulfilled,

" Bravo added.

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Asked who is he a fan of from the Hindi film industry, Bravo said:

"It's Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone."

He also mentioned that he has watched Hindi films and can speak a few words in the language.

How does it feel to see Champion song becoming so popular?

"It feels great when I hear people say Champion is the next Gangnam and now everywhere I go I see fans breaking into dance,"

Bravo responded.