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Sri Lanka Cricket apologises after groundsmen forced to walk away in undergarments

Reported by: AP Colombo July 13, 2017 13:44 IST

Cricket authorities in Sri Lanka have apologised to stadium workers who were forced to walk away in their underwear at the completion of a game against Zimbabwe when local organisers took their uniforms back.

Dozens of villagers recruited on a temporary basis to work at Mahinda Rajapaksa Stadium in Hambantota for Monday's limited-overs international between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe were seen walking away in their underclothes.

"It is unbelievable that officials in certain levels could even think in this manner," Sri Lanka Cricket President Thilanga Sumathipala said. "I apologize to" the workers.

"They come because of their love for cricket, to help us while watching the game," Sumathipala added. "We pay them money and give them a uniform which they keep as a souvenir."

He said will ask local organizers to apologize to the workers.