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WICB's olive branch after Sammy's outburst: Players offered place at board table

India TV Sports Desk 04 Apr 2016, 12:25:52 PM IST
India TV Sports Desk

Kolkata: After clinching world T20 title, the bitter divisions in Caribbean cricket again come to the fore with West Indies skipper Darren Sammy venting his anger at WICB in the post match ceremony.

In his acceptance speech Sammy said it was "very disappointing" to not hear from the WICB on the team's triumph against England on Sunday evening in Kolkata.

WICB, however, seems to have struck a concilliatory note with the team which has clinched world cup titles twice within four years.

Reacting to the sharp criticism thrown at the board, the WICB president Dave Cameron announced that he would meet the players after the IPL at the annual review in June to find a "common ground" where the "best" players can represent the region in all formats.

Darren Sammy will awake to hear his players are invited to meet the WICB for the first time

Previously Cameron has refused to speak with the group, insisting they must deal with the players association WIPA, whose president Wavell Hinds fell out with them when he agreed to a vastly inferior pay deal in 2014, leading to the disastrous walkout from that year's ODI tour of India. Cameron has now changed his tune.

Several hours later, in a statement curiously headlined "WICB President had high praises for World Twenty20 Organisers," the sting came lower down.

While expressing his disappointment at Sammy's "inappropriate" comments, Cameron delivered his most conciliatory message to the players for some time.

"Coming up in May this year, the Board will host its annual review (retreat) with the players, WIPA, selectors and the technical team to review player, management and technical plans. We want to see how we can find common ground in ensuring that the best players in the region are available for selection for West Indies teams," Cameron said in a statement delivered hours after Sammy and his men stunned England in a dazzling last-over finish.

"The President (Whycliffe 'Dave' Cameron) would like to however apologise for what could be deemed inappropriate, comments made by the West Indies' male captain, Darren Sammy in a post-match interview and would like to apologize on behalf of the WICB, to the millions of fans who witnessed (sic).

Referring to a lengthy and bitter pay dispute that had put their World Twenty20 participation in doubt, the all-rounder said his team felt "disrespected by our board".

"We had a new manager in Rawle Lewis, who has never managed a team before. We had no uniforms, no printing," said Sammy.

"The trouble he went through to just get us in this uniform. I got to give credit to the entire team here."

Sammy also took a dig at the board as he is not selected in the 50-over format.

"I don't know when I'm going to be playing for West Indies again, I want to thank my team, thanks my coaching staff. This is for the CHAMPIONS," he said, referring to the Dwayne Bravo song.