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British-Indian Isa Guha becomes first female test expert on BBC Radio

India TV Sports Desk 19 Nov 2014, 12:18:49 PM IST
India TV Sports Desk

It was once the preserve of old men chortling their way through each Test run in between rounds of fruit cake.


But now women are making serious inroads into Test Match Special, with the appointment of 29-year-old Isa Guha as the first ever female expert summariser on the iconic Radio 4 cricket programme.

In what is a major innovation since the programme was broadcast in 1957, Guha - who was part of the England team that won the women's Ashes and World Cup - will be alongside the likes of Geoffrey Boycott and Jonathan Agnew.

As summariser, Miss Guha will make expert comment after an over has been bowled, while her only other female colleague Alison Mitchell provides ball-by-ball commentary during the over.

The British-Indian Guha was the first Asian woman to represent England at cricket.
She told the Radio Times that she was aware of the age, ethnicity and gender differences between her and the other Test Match Special presenters, and added: ‘The generation gap makes the broadcast different.