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Can give reserve day in Tests a thought: Virat Kohli

PTI 15 Jun 2015, 6:44:22 AM IST

Fatullah: Left frustrated by rain interruptions which scuttled the chance of an outright result against Bangladesh in the one-off Test here, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli said it is not a bad idea to have reserve days for the longer-format games as well.

More than 250 overs were lost owing to frequent rain during the match which ended in a draw here today and Kohli said like in the case of ODIs, the concept of reserve days can be given a try in Tests.

"That is a very debatable question but there can be a thought given to that. You might add another day seeing the situation of the game," Kohli said in the post-match press conference on Sunday.

"If there is a possible result, there is no harm in giving the team, which is dominating, a chance to compete in three sessions and go for a win or earn a draw so that the deserving team can get a result. But I am not sure how the discussions would go on this," he added.