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Heated 'Cricket' moments: When playing field turned battleground!

India TV News Desk 06 Nov 2014, 13:13:22 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Cricket is often touted as 'The gentleman's game', but more often it gets surrounded for 'totally being not'!

On ground, players put up their best effort to win, and there is no doubt to that but sometimes controversies too strike, dragging the intention of them game to low levels.

But there are also times when cricket ground becomes a battleground altogether and players get involved in on-ground fights and verbal duels.

Mounting pressure and intensity of the game often gets the better of these players, resulting in heated moments being captured on-cam. Amid this raging passion, even the spectators get carried away and feel as they are involved in it.

Here we have compiled a set of 12 videos, where you will see some of the famous cricketers involved in such fracas...


Hot Headed Sachin

You might never have seen the little master losing his cool, but here he attempted a run and Laxman's response irritated him.


Sachin vs. Ponting

Here, Sachin was declared out in a wrong decision but recalled by umpire after realizing that, a visibly miffed Ponting argued with the Umpire and later with Sachin.


Sourav Ganguly vs Russel Arnold

You'll see Dada in his true-blood element; the man who brought aggression into other wise pacifist Indian team. "I am Just Sayin Keep away, don't fuck around" - Sourav Ganguly to Russel Arnold


Rahul Dravid vs. Shoaib Akhtar

Rahul Dravid very rarely raises voice, but Shoaib did something to invite, 'The Wall's' wrath.


Pakistani crowd misbehaving

Pakistani crowd pelted stones at Indian Cricket Team and Sachin and co decided to leave the ground.